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Suspect: Pacman Ordered Vegas Shooting


A man apprehended and charged with attempted murder says that he is innocent. He claims that Adam Jones ordered someone else to open fire into the crowd. The shooting took place last year outside a club in Vegas.

The suspect is being held in a Nashville jail. In a telephone conversation the accused, Arvin Edwards, said that he knows how it feels to be shot and is sorry for the people who were injured.

Edwards stated that Jones set the whole thing up and that he should admit what he’s done. The suspect is hoping for a miracle and shouldn’t hold his breath waiting for Jones to see the light.

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Edwards said Pacman knows who the real shooter is and claims that he has no reason to tell any lies.

Obviously, that last part is ridiculous: If he was the shooter, Edwards has a very good reason to lie, namely that he doesn’t want to spend the rest of his life in prison. But while Jones has pleaded guilty to a lesser offense and seems to be in the clear on this case from a legal perspective, every single time his name is in the news connected to this case, it’s an embarrassment to the NFL. And Commissioner Roger Goodell, who holds Jones’ football fate in his hands, doesn’t like the NFL being embarrassed.

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