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Teens Busted for Planning Columbine-Like Plot Report Long Island Criminal Lawyers

Two teens from Long Island were planning to put a bomb in their school and then start gunning down classmates and staff. These type incidents are often called Columbine-like due to the horrible massacre that took place at Columbine High School, which was basically the first ever of its kind. The bloodbath was carefully planned by two teenagers, one 17 and the other 16 reports a Long Island Criminal Lawyer.

Reports indicate that the two spent weeks trying to find the best ways to construct a bomb. Their computer searches show that they had been looking through various bomb-making websites for some time. Long Island Criminal Lawyers report that the two were only waiting until the older of the two, a 17-year-old male, turned 18.

Once the male suspect turned 18, he would be able to buy firepower that was deemed by the two as necessary for handling the assault. The two had already attempted to buy a shotgun but weren’t able to do so because of their age. The oldest would be 18 on June 8 and the two were planning to purchase the assault weapon at that time. New York Criminal Lawyers indicate that the boy’s social worker alerted authorities that they two might be planning an attack.

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