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Texas To Crack Down on Illegal Immigration and Drugs


If the nation thought Arizona was the frontline of the debate on illegal immigration it ain’t seen nothing yet. Emboldened by gains in the recent elections, conservative lawmakers in the Austin, Texas state legislature are preparing to introduce new laws regulating illegal immigration in the state, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. The Texas law would mimic that of the one passed last year in Arizona. That Arizona law is currently undergoing many challenges from the Obama Administration and will likely end up being heard before the United States of America’s Supreme Court, noted a New York Criminal Lawyer. How that court rules could have a staggering and drastic effect on immigration in the United States of America.

But Texas, a state known not to be messed with, isn’t stopping there. It also seeks to introduce a bill that would create a law mandating that one present a photo ID when voting, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. Currently, laws throughout the United States require a photo ID to buy cough medicine, rent video tapes, and other simple measures, but to vote? So far, no law requires such an ID in Texas. The new law may change that. And a challenge in the Supreme Court is likely to follow, notes a New York Criminal Lawyer.

And that’s not all. The Texas legislature will also seek to ban a new drug: K2, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. K2 is a new street drug that gives a marijuana like high and is considered highly addictive according to addiction specialists. The law would make possession of K2 a felony punishable by up to two years in prison, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. Whether this will be passed is anyone’s guess and its potential effectiveness will be determined in the years to come.

Legislatures pass new laws creating new crimes all the time and ignorance of the law is no excuse. If you’ve been charged with a crime contact a New York Criminal Attorney today.

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