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The Saudi Arrest Campaign Explained


As a New York Criminal Lawyer explains, criminal law is very different in the US as it is to Saudi Arabia. Saudi authorities condemn and forbid any demonstrations or protests over the way the country is run.

There is however an increasing dissatisfaction over the way that the country is run. There have been many anti-government protests over the past few months.

The government is cracking down on these protests to try and limit their impact on the country. Eye witness accounts indicated that many of the protestors were detained for taking part in the protests.

According to a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer, in a recent report, over 160 activists have been detained since the start of February. People are being arrested every day, without fail.

The government is hardest on people who frequently attend protests. However, the Saudi police are also detaining ordinary law abiding citizens for just taking part in one protest. The Saudi authorities track down these normal people and arrest them from their homes or when they are at work.

There were over 10 arrests this week and all of these individuals were imprisoned. While the exact reason for the arrests has never been published, many of the families believe it is because they have been part of protests and demonstrations.

Saudi Nationals are continuing to protest over the suppression or people’s rights and imprisoning people without a trial or charge. Unemployed Saudi citizens are also protesting over the lack of job opportunities in the country.

Saudi authorities are ruthless in their crackdown on peaceful protests by using violence. They are said to of opened fire, and used grenades to disperse an otherwise peaceful public protest. Human rights protestors are outraged at the lack of a freedom of speech in the country and have urged the authorities to consider relaxing the ban.

Although protests are officially banned in Saudi Arabia, many more are planned throughout the month. It’s thought that Saudi’s crackdown will get even more violent as the government tries to retain power.

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