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The Son of Ryan O’Neal and Farrah Fawcett Becomes a Two Time Loser.


Once again tragedy strikes the O’Neal family. The wayward son of Ryan and Farrah (Fawcett) O’Neal has been arrested again. Redmond was apprehended for possession of drugs and driving under the influence.

The youngster was speeding in Malibu and was pulled over by the police. When he and the car were searched the illicit drugs were found and O’Neal was busted. He was also found to be over the legal limit for alcohol.
Redmond was freed when a $10,000 bond was paid. He could face serious felony charges but there has been no date set for a trial.

Redmond has been in rehab a dozen times.

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In 2007, Ryan got into a fight with his other son, Griffin. Griffin claimed to have found Redmond unresponsive and feared his brother had overdosed, so he chained Redmond to a banister to prevent him from leaving to get drugs. This is obviously a family with many problems, some of which wind up in criminal court.

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