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Thief Tried To Make Off With a Macintosh Reports Long Island Criminal Lawyer

The Meatpacking District’s Apple store thought that the security on the computers, which tethers the laptops so that thieves can’t simply walk out of the store with a display model. Most computer and other electronic stores have the products tethered to a permanent stand and most assume that the security in place in the stores is fool proof.

The twenty-three year old suspect should be looking for a Long Island Criminal Lawyer sooner than later. Basically, he grabbed a two-thousand dollar MacBook Pro while in the Apple Store on West 14th Street near Ninth Avenue on a lazy Sunday afternoon. And with the suspect’s general lack of respect and lack of humor, he will need a Long Island Criminal Lawyer like the ones at Steve Bilkis and Associates.

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Why do you ask is his respect and humor in question? After the suspect was grabbed by a guard and he was trying to leave the tore and when the cops arrived to arrest him, he simply said, “Well, at least they got it back. Can I go?” Unfortunately that’s simply not the way the justice system works. Obviously the answer was no and the man was charged with grand larceny. There was no Possession of a Weapon charged in this case.

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