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A Thief Becomes a Suspect in a Stabbing Case Captured reports New York Criminal Lawyer

The suspect and a female accomplice approached their victim at East 233rd Street and Dyre Avenue late in the evening last November. The woman made the first step in the attempted robbery and attempted murder. She asked the victim for directions and then the suspect pulled a knife on the victim and demanded that he “Give up that bread!”

New York Criminal Lawyers will be needed to help sort out the exact details in this case as the accomplice is still at large. And the suspect who was responsible for actually stabbing the victim in the head, chest and arm is in custody. Steve Bilkis and Associates may be needed to help both the suspect himself and his accomplice when she is located. New York Criminal Lawyers deal with cases such as these quite often but each case is new and unusual in some way. Finding the right lawyer for the challenge is of utmost importance. Call 1-800-NYNY-Law for a free consultation with a New York Criminal Lawyer.

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