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Two Convicted Young Men Slay Two Other Teens on Mother’s Day Reports a Long Island Criminal Lawyer

Two youngsters who should have been locked up were running the streets on Mother’s Day and were part of a Mother’s Day Slaying. The two men had twenty arrests between the two of them. Now the two have been charged with the murder of two teenagers. The men gunned down the victims on Mother’s Day report Long Island Criminal Lawyers.

The men were upset because they had crashed a party and were tossed out for harassing several women. The two that had ousted the guys from the party weren’t on hand when the men returned. However, the men apparently didn’t care who had been behind their dismissal from the party. However, the men continued on their rampage says a Long Island Criminal Lawyer.

One of the men had 12 arrests dating back to 2001. He had been arrested on various charges ranging from pot possession to attempted murder where he was the triggerman. The other man had 8 arrests, which included trespassing and assault as a juvenile. He was also arrested for murder after being involved in a shooting. According to New York Criminal Lawyers, one man has already turned on the other indicating that the weapon had been taken from his own father but had given the gun up when the fight started.

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