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Two New York City women under arrest for alleged prostitution – A Manhattan Criminal Defense Lawyer reports

A New York Police Department raid led to the arrest of 21 employees of a strip club in Manhattan NY. Two of the employees were Alexia Moore and Falynn Rodriguez. Both 27 year old New York City residents have been accused of being prostitutes and agreeing to have sex with an undercover cop for $5000.00. The women both claim that the officer offered them the money and while they jokingly discussed it, they never thought he was serious because of the amount of the money being offered. Police report that the women discussed a date and place outside of the club where the exchange would be made, but the defense lawyer for the women state that at the time of the arrest, no sexual exchange had taken place. New York county District Attorney has offered the women a plea deal of disorderly conduct with no community service or jail time. The offer is conditional only if the girls acknowledge they are prostitutes, which would implicate the club’s owners, husband and wife Betty and Louis Posner. If the women were to admit that, the Posners could be arrested for running an illegal prostitution ring. Both Moore and Rodriguez have denied the offer and have decided to go to trial.
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