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MTV’s “Jersey Shore” star punched and the assailant is charged with assault reports a New York Criminal Lawyer

Brad Ferro was in a New Jersey bar while MTV was filming the reality TV show “Jersey Shore”. The 24 year old gym teacher from Queens was intoxicated when he gotten into a fight one of the show’s stars Nicole “Snookie” Polizzi. Snookie was drinking with fellow cast mates and had ordered drinks. She accused Ferro of stealing the drinks she had ordered. It was then that a very intoxicated Ferro punched “Snookie”. She fell to the floor and had to be helped up by her friends. The incident was filmed by MTV’s crew, but was not aired on the show. Ferro was charged with assault. He was later found guilty of the charge and ordered to go to court appointed anger management as well as pay a $500.00 fine. He certainly should have called a New York Criminal Lawyer. Seeking the aid of a New York Criminal Lawyer will insure Ferro and anybody else the best of legal representation in the system.
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