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Two Strikes and You’re Out in Texas

The United States is often seen as a land of second chances. A nation built on the backs of fleeing immigrants who simply wanted a chance to start over. American literature is littered with tales of men packing up, moving west, and reinventing themselves, notes a New York Criminal Defense Lawyer. Heck, the hit TV show Mad Men is largely based on that very idea. Baseball, the national past time, even has three strikes and then you’re out. As a New York Criminal Defense Lawyer said, for one Texas lawmaker, that’s one strike too many. She has proposed a new law that after two convictions for driving under the influence of alcohol, a person would have their driver’s license permanently revoked. In Nassau and Suffolk Counties, DUI laws are also very harsh.

The proposal is not widely popular, reports a New York Criminal Defense Lawyer. The local chapter of Mothers Against Drunk Driving, for instance, has said that they do not necessarily think the idea is the best way to keep drunk drivers off the streets. They point out that such a proposal is more of a grandstanding way to get cheap media attention and that the focus should be on stopping people from drinking and driving. Said a New York Criminal Defense Lawyer, this doesn’t do that, rather instead it may just end up putting more people in situations where they want to hide and not take responsibility at all. This bill, noted the MAD Chapter, seems more interested in putting people in jail than it does in stopping drinking and driving.

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