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Unabomber’s Home For Sale


He sat alone at his table for hours. His chair would occasionally rock back as the utmost in precision and care was spent at his craft. It was dangerous work, the kind of work that if it goes wrong there are truly disastrous consequences. And so he worked alone, isolated from the world, until it was time. And at that moment, having written his masterpiece, he went to the post office and deposited his work: bombs. Bombs set to go off and kill innocent civilians. And according to a New York Criminal Defense Lawyer he’s known today by one name: the Unabomber and now, if you want, you can sit where he sat, eat where he ate, and sleep where he slept – that’s right, the Unabomber’s house is for sale. Gun Possession is often charged in Nassau and Suffolk Counties to get people like the bomber off the street.

Sure, living in an isolated tract of land in the middle of nowhere Montana (is there any other place in Montana?) may not sound appealing, but for less than seventy thousand dollars you can own a piece of American history – at least, that’s how the real estate agent is selling it in the ad that has been placed, notes a NYC Criminal Defense Lawyer. The land is mostly ripped free of the original shack, but there still remains a few walls and a roof. A tree has been spray painted FBI, which could make for an interesting conversation starter.

It is said to be an excellent location for hunting and fishing, but one suspects that it’s ideal for writing.

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