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Yankee Caps Popular Apparel for Crime


Two men and a woman breaking into a Manhattan gym locker to steal credit cards, a man trying to rob a bank with only a note, a gunman robbing a store in Queens – what do these three have in common? Yes, they’re all criminals, but these weren’t the same people in each instance.
The common thread – they all wore Yankees caps. It’s a strange new trend New York Criminal Lawyers have noted: dozens of men and women who commit crimes against their fellow New Yorkers do so while wearing Yankees caps or clothing.
More than 100 people who have been suspects or persons of interest in connection with serious crimes in New York City have been caught wearing some sort of Yankees paraphernalia, since 2000, New York Criminal Lawyers learned from police sources. No other sports team has nearly as much popularity among the criminal set.
The Mets are likely glad to be behind the Yankees in this one circumstance. Only around a dozen criminals in the same survey were caught with Mets gear. “It’s a shame,” said the president of a Yankee fan club to a New York Criminal Lawyer. “It makes us Yankees fans look like criminals, because of a few unfortunate people who probably don’t know the first thing about the Yankees.”
It doesn’t make any difference what you wear if you are accused of a crime – it is painful and distressing all the same. You’ll need a Suffolk County Criminal Lawyer to help sort out the mess. Your case requires attention from the best, and the best help you can possible find is a New York Criminal Attorney.

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