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A 25 year prison sentence for a former Toronto stock broker


George Georgiou, a former Toronto stock broker, was involved in a multi-million dollar stock scam and sentenced to 25 years in a federal prison. He was sentenced by a Philadelphia judge on Friday for this international scam which involved Canada, the U.S. and the Caribbean.

This 40 year old former stock broker has to pay 55 million dollars in restitution for this criminal act. Fraud is a common crime in places like Nassau and Suffolk Counties.

A February conviction of conspiracy, wire fraud, and securities fraud, carried a maximum sentence of 165 years, reported by a New York Criminal Lawyer. Because of this conviction the stock broker was banned from trading in Canada for a 10 year period.

During his trial we learned that he did business with Fercan Developments of Toronto. The former Molson Brewery on Highway 400 in Barrie, is now owned by Fercan. That was the location of a major marijuana bust.

Georgiou tried to live with a Philadelphia priest and pay for his own monitoring, but the court didn’t allow it, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer.

Georgiou is considered a danger to society because of all his outlaw connections.

One of the witnesses said Georgiou made threats against him. This witness was advised he should “sleep with one eye open” and even made threats about breaking his legs because this is New York and not Canada.

A NYC Criminal Lawyer said Georgiou tried to have secret meetings so he couldn’t be recorded. He even tried to meet in a hot tub.

He is accused of altering the worth and value for stock of four different companies: Neutron Enterprises Inc., Avicena Group Inc., Northern Ethanol Inc. and Hydrogen Hybrid Technologies Inc.

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