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News Reporter Might Face Charges in DUI Arrest

A Sportscaster for a popular Illinois TV station was arrested for DUI recently. He committed several minor traffic violations which police saw before they tried to pull him over, said a New York Criminal Lawyer. He committed another infraction of a minor offense and he was pulled over and given a field sobriety test, which he failed. Police took him in to custody and there are now criminal charges pending against him.
Once the man was in custody, he acted even stranger. A Lawyer said his behavior was odd enough that he was transported to a hospital where a drug test was administered. The results have not been released on what, if any, drugs were found in his system. If drugs had been found in his system, there may be more criminal charges levied against him. In The Bronx and Suffolk County this is a felony.
For his initial DUI arrest, he will go to court and face the judge as to what his punishment will be. Fines, jail time or both might be handed down at that time if he is convicted of any criminal charges. He is released out on bail for the time being. A criminal history background on him was not available, so it is not known if he is a repeat offender, according to the NY City Criminal Lawyer. There is also no word as to the status of his job with the TV station or if they have a code of conduct that staff need to follow. He may also lose his job if the station executives deem his behavior inappropriate to a staff member who is an on-air personality.

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