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A Brooklyn Man Murders Girlfriend When Daughter Was In The House


A Brooklyn man is accused of strangling his girlfriend – while their 7-year-old daughter was in the house.
The 29-year-old victim was engaged in an argument with her 28-year-old boyfriend, just before 6 a.m. in their apartment on 50th Street in Sunset Park when the alleged attack occurred. Their young daughter was in another room in the apartment at the time, but she did not witness the murder.
The boyfriend said that his girlfriend attacked him with a knife and he was defending himself. Police have charged him with murder in the matter, nonetheless, leaving his fate and the circumstances of the woman’s death for a jury to decide.
A relative of the boyfriend speculated the fight may have been over the boyfriend’s suspicions that the victim was cheating on him. The relative also indicated that the pair had always had a contentious relationship, with arguments and breakups common.
The only one who knows the true story of what happens is the accused. He tells one story and the District Attorney’s Office has another. A jury will have to decide who has the more compelling story. The District Attorney already has trained lawyers for the prosecution, leaving the defendant to fend for himself or take chances with a public defender. It would be much better for anyone is a similar situation to be sure his representation is just as capable as the prosecution, if not more so. That kind of quality legal counsel can be found in a NYork Criminal Lawyer.
It may look like any given case is clearly one way, but there may be details known only to the accused. These details might not seem like much to the common person, but someone with the training of a NYork Criminal Lawyer can make all those minor details relevant to the case. It might result in a reduced sentence. It could even result in exoneration. None of that can happen, though, without first gaining the best legal counsel you can find.

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