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A New York Criminal Lawyer warns “Don’t let road rage deprive you of good judgment as seems to have been the case with two Brooklyn men facing criminal charges in Staten Island NY

Yao Zhou and Jack Zaiback pulled their cars onto the shoulder of Staten Island’s West Shore Expressway to settle a dispute that may have begun on the highway. Highway Patrolman Gerald Sheehan’s car-mounted camera spotted the two men rolling on the ground. Sheehan separated them, seizing a sushi knife from Zhou in the process. Zhou was accused of slashing Zaiback across his face, head and body, resulting in Zaiback receiving approximately 100 stitches. Zaiback retaliated with his fists, opening a cut over Zhou’s eye. It is not known whether of not Zhou had an attorney but it is clear that he is in need of a NY Criminal Lawyer.

Both men were taken to Richmond County Criminal Court where they each pleaded not guilty to first-degree assault charges. Zhou’s bail was set at $20,000 while Zaiback was released by a judge with no bail set.

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