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Cusack Stalker ‘Delusional,’-Retain a Nassau Criminal Lawyer To Defend Your Rights


It has been ruled that Emily Leatherman who has been stalking actor John Cusack is able to stand trial but is not allowed to represent herself. She was arrested when she wouldn’t remove herself from staying outside Cusack’s home.

If you or a family member is arrested, hiring a Nassau Criminal Lawyer is essential for you. Not having an attorney will lead to trouble in terms of not knowing your rights and options.

The criminal defendant was examined by a shrink who was appointed by the court. She was said to be both “delusional” and “paranoid.”
Leatherman was warned to stop talking and crying as the judge was making her ruling. A criminal lawyer was appointed to represent Leatherman during her trial, which is scheduled to begin in a month or so.

The firm of Stephen Bilkis & Associates and its lawyers with convenient locations in the New York Metropolitan Area including Lido Beach, New York, can be of invaluable assistance to you if you find yourself a defendant in a criminal action. Facing charges without professional representation could lead to disastrous results

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