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Killer in The Bronx Also Mutilates Girlfriend’s Body


The suspect in the case of a man who stabbed his girlfriend to death did not only stab her. He didn’t even try to merely decapitate her. He attempted to destroy her face as well.
“It was pure anger,” a police source told New York Criminal Lawyers. The victim’s body was found, covered with blood, in an apartment on the Lower East Side. “He didn’t want her to leave and he didn’t want her to be beautiful for anyone else.”
According to the police, the 33-year-old suspect used several knives to slash his 23-year-old girlfriend, in a fit of rage. At one point, he cut her so hard that the tip broke from one of the blades.
She was killed by a stab wound in her neck. It left “a gaping stab wound to the left side of the torso from which internal organs were protruding”.
The suspect, a public relations worker, was held without bail. He has yet to enter a plea on his second-degree murder charge and has been placed on suicide watch.
He says the victim attacked him. New York City has many violent crimes like this one.
Prosecutors explained in their reports that the suspect was going to attempt to escape, but he called his father for advice as he fled. The suspect’s father told him it was best to turn himself in.
“There’s no way to hide,” the father reportedly told his son. “It would go easier on you… if you turned yourself in.”
“It’s a horror beyond words,” the father’s lawyer said. “His dad told him to do the right thing and he did.”
The fight in which the victim was killed was so loud it woke neighbors, witnesses recalled for New York City Criminal Lawyers. Police found blood everywhere.
The victim was a former student of Hunter College, currently working in sales. She was studying for a career in marketing and advertising.
The suspect was a freelancer, described by one of his clients as a “cool, chill guy” and had a young son from an earlier relationship.
“He wasn’t a monster,” the client said. “He was ambitious. This is not someone who goes around hacking people.”

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