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A Suffolk County Criminal Lawyer reports Suffolk County’s plan to crack down on heroin sales and usage


Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy has unveiled a new plan to stop heroin usage in Nassau County and Suffolk County’s younger generation. Suffolk County had over 1,000 heroin related drug charges this year and 50 heroin related overdoses. The dramatic statistics have made officials take notice. Suffolk is now forming a new heroin task force. They will be taking 31 officers from Suffolk County’s other precincts to form this squad. These officers will investigate all leads and tips that they receive. They have set up a text messaging hotline for tips to be called in anonymously. They will also going into the high schools and middle schools with social workers to talk to children about heroin. A Suffolk County Criminal Lawyer reports that officials are also trying to lobby for a new law to try to dissuade potential drug sales. They would like any vehicle used in a heroin sale to become property of the County.
The County is planning on offering free drug testing kits for parents and making guidebooks available to parents. These books will alert parents to the signs of heroin use and treatment options. They will be hosting “sober” events for recovering addicts. These events will be part of new support groups that will be formed for addicts who are looking for counseling.
Though these plans are in place, some will still be put under arrest because of heroin. If that were to happen to you or a loved one, you will need an aggressive Suffolk County Criminal Lawyer.

A New York Criminal Lawyer can help you defend a possession charge of marijuana, heroin, cocaine, prescription pills or drug paraphernalia. If you are foolish enough not to seek the council of an attorney with experience, you are taking a chance that your freedom will be lost.

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