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What goes around comes around. A distinguished public official in Las Vegas Nevada, known for his glamorous prosecution of celebrities for drug violations, certainly found out first hand following his recent arrest for buying crack cocaine.

A source familiar with the high profile attorney’s legal record said the special prosecutor prosecuted Paris Hilton following her cocaine arrest a year ago. The special prosecutor was the attorney of record in the prosecution of rising star Bruno Mars on drug possession charges.

Authorities said that the special prosecutor was being investigated on allegations that he regularly bought $40 worth of coke every week from a street dealer. His arrest came as a result of being seen buying the drug on the street. The special prosecutor’s BMW was idling on a Las Vegas street where law enforcement observed a possible drug buy taking place. The arrest report said that the special prosecutor picked up an African American male at one apartment building and dropped him off at another building. Then the special prosecutor allegedly drove around before returning to the same drop off site and picked up the same man. When authorities pulled the black BMW over the suspected drug dealer fled from the passenger side of the vehicle. One officer gave chase and apprehended the suspect, a resident of Las Vegas.

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A distressed mother of an alleged 14-year-old alleged murderer has just been charged with entering the United States illegally, according to New York Criminal Lawyers and is facing deportation.

The 43-year-old suspect was arrested with her husband and taken from their apartment, where they lived for nearly eight years to be federally charged with illegal re-entry after previous deportation according to local police reports.

In 1997, the mother was originally deported for possession of rock cocaine according to police reports. No records indicated that she applied to be reinstated to the United States. Her husband was originally deported back in May of 2002.

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According to a New York Criminal Lawyer, a Chief Deputy District Attorney was arrested and accused of possession of rock cocaine in Las Vegas. Drug Possession in New York City or Long Island are serious crimes with huge penalties for the offender.

The 10-year veteran was working on a task force and handled celebrity drug scandals including busts of Paris Hilton and Bruno Mars. He could not be reached for comment regarding this matter. This would also be a very serious matter in Brooklyn, NY.

A District Attorney in the area revealed that in going over the defendant’s cases, he was relieved that there had been no wrongful prosecutions, explaining that everything checked out in the system and there should be no concern that the Deputy Chief had access to the drugs that were supposed to be evidence.

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Suffolk County Executive Steve Levy has unveiled a new plan to stop heroin usage in Nassau County and Suffolk County’s younger generation. Suffolk County had over 1,000 heroin related drug charges this year and 50 heroin related overdoses. The dramatic statistics have made officials take notice. Suffolk is now forming a new heroin task force. They will be taking 31 officers from Suffolk County’s other precincts to form this squad. These officers will investigate all leads and tips that they receive. They have set up a text messaging hotline for tips to be called in anonymously. They will also going into the high schools and middle schools with social workers to talk to children about heroin. A Suffolk County Criminal Lawyer reports that officials are also trying to lobby for a new law to try to dissuade potential drug sales. They would like any vehicle used in a heroin sale to become property of the County.

The County is planning on offering free drug testing kits for parents and making guidebooks available to parents. These books will alert parents to the signs of heroin use and treatment options. They will be hosting “sober” events for recovering addicts. These events will be part of new support groups that will be formed for addicts who are looking for counseling.

Though these plans are in place, some will still be put under arrest because of heroin. If that were to happen to you or a loved one, you will need an aggressive Suffolk County Criminal Lawyer.

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Suffolk County Police caught bank robbers Nicole Feist and Ryan Fabian. The pair, who met in a rehab center for heroin addiction, started robbing banks to support their addiction. The pair robbed two banks in Suffolk County, NY; Madison National Bank on 859 Walt Whitman Rd, Melville, NY 11747 and New York Commercial Bank at 3425 Veterans Memorial Hwy, Ronkonkoma NY 11749. Feist and Fabian have been charged separately, each for two counts of first degree robbery. They are also being charged with misdemeanor drug possession. Nassau County Police are also investigating the robberies of two Subway shops and a Lifestyle Sports store the pair is believed to have committed. Further robbery charges may be filed. They were each held on $500,000 cash bail or $1 million bond.

If you or someone you know is facing a robbery charge, you will need an aggressive Long Island Criminal Lawyer. Stephen Bilkis & Associates has experienced NY Criminal Attorneys ready to help you with your robbery charge. We have been helping Long Island residents defend themselves for more than a decade and offer a free consultation with a Long Island Robbery Defense Lawyer to speak about your case. Our offices are conveniently located in Nassau County and Suffolk County; as well as in Queens, Manhattan, Brooklyn and Bronx. Call us at 1-800-NYNY-LAW (1-800-696-9529) to utilize this free opportunity

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