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Man in Staten Island Was Impaired states a Staten Island Criminal Lawyer

Police were making their rounds through the housing which is located on Vanderbilt Avenue adjacent to Irving Place. And, what they found was definitely a man who was acting out due to impaired judgment. And, impaired judgment from the use of cocaine was definitely at play in this situation. And this man is going to need the help of a Staten Island Criminal Lawyer one way or another.

Not only was he found snorting cocaine late on a Tuesday night; he was also in possession of a dollar bill which had been carefully folded and caked with cocaine residue and a container holding forty illegal pills of oxycondone. The man was charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and hopefully he managed to make the right call to find a Staten Island Criminal Lawyer.

It is imperative for many, many reasons that you contact and seek the advice of a New York Criminal Lawyer to defend you in your case. You will be involved in a jury trial unless your case is dismissed or a plea is reached. In all these situations an attorney with experience can only be of great advantage to you in attaining your goal.

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