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A Thief Makes Off with Torah Scrolls


A thief got away with the theft of five precious Torah scrolls from a Brooklyn synagogue, authorities recently informed a Manhattan Criminal Lawyer.
Police believe the pilferer snuck in through a rear window of the Khal Yirei Hashem Synagogue in Borough Park and took hand written Hebrew scriptures worth approximately $30, 000 to $50,000 each, Manhattan Criminal Lawyers were told by local community leaders. They were unable to offer any further details at this time, as the investigation into the theft was still ongoing. It is remains unknown why the scrolls were stolen, or if the scrolls were even the original target of the theft.
Police do not believe the theft was a hate crime, but they are still investigating the case. As of yet, no suspects have been determined, nor has there been any sign of the stolen scrolls. New York Criminal Lawyers have unable to find any further information at this point, but will continue to investigate until the full story is uncovered.
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