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Parks Chief Who Pleads Guilty to Stealing from Meters


The former North Hempstead deputy commissioner of parks and recreation has pleaded guilty to petty larceny. He was charged with stealing $620 in quarters from parking meters stored at the Port Washington Parking District Office, according to a Nassau County Criminal Lawyer. After entering his plea, the then-deputy commissioner subsequently resigned from his post, effective several days later.
A spokeswoman for the Nassau district attorney’s office told a New York Criminal Lawyer that the 58-year-old ex-deputy commissioner, resident of Mineola, will have to pay back the $620 stolen from the parking meters as a part of his sentence. Further details regarding the sentencing are pending the release of further information from the district attorney’s office.
Though the quarters went miss from the district office in 2006, the deputy commisioner was not arrested for the theft of the quarters until 2009, three years later. The reason for the long period of time between the actual crime and his arrest for the theft of the money is unknown at this time.
A box of quarters collected from parking meters disappeared from the Port Washington Parking District office in August of 2006, before they could be deposited. A few days later, the deputy commissioner deposited $620 in rolled quarters into his personal bank account, converted the money, and immediately withdrew it, said a New York Criminal Lawyer, in 2009.
Neither the former deputy commisioner nor his attorney could be reached for comment and any further details are currently unavailable, at least for the time being. The office of the district attorney also refused to comment further on the case.
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