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About the Public Defender Billing Record


A Judge shared with a confident about having Public Defenders show to the newspaper media, the billing records for the defense provided to two murders who were convicted. The battle in court was long and costly over this matter. There were a lot of mixed feelings about this in the media and in the judicial system.

The Judge told a source that the Supreme Court in Washington State made the ruling quite succinctly. Apparently, the double murders that took place in 2005 came with billing record that were suspicious and that is why the Judge determined that it should be exposed. The defendants had cost the taxpayers up to two million dollars in the defense of their case. It was when the newspaper sued for the information that it was demanded to be released.

The Judge indicated to the audience that the ruling that one of the defendant’s cost for the case had to be revealed, but the other defendant’s billing record was not forced to be released. The newspaper media has reported that the public needs to know about these things since they are the ones paying for these costs. It was a good victory for those who were eligible to know these things.

The newspaper media hopes that this would send a message to the legal system so that public money is given account for because it is very expensive to defend criminally in the court system. The process itself costs the general public enough money.

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