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Child Support Hearing Set for Family

The Family finally got to sit down and have a child support hearing for their case. Their family is involved in a confusing and bitter child custody and child support case, reports a family friend. The case involved the mother, who was murdered, the father who does not have custody and the little boy. Details were not released on the outcome of the hearing or if they reached a settlement even.

The friend says that immediately after a custody exchange with their son, the mother was murdered when she went back to her car. It was later determined at another trial that the mother-in-law was the one who killed her. She did not like the fact that her son and the mother were in a custody dispute over the kids, so she killed the mother. The murder happened in the spring of 2009.

Since the case involved the mother of the father, the father lost custody. There were no details given to the court about if he helped to plan the murder or had even suggested it to his mother. The mother of the child in the custody dispute won full custody of their grandchild. This care was to determine what child support the father was to pay to the grandparents, since they are raising the child. The custody trial was in 2010 and was a long, painful ordeal for all involved since the mother of the child was no longer present. Reports a New York Criminal Lawyer

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