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America’s Most Wanted tip helps put a woman behind bars


A woman who was featured on America’s Most Wanted was arrested Friday night. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents arrested the 52-year-old woman at Mohegan Sun, a casino in Uncasville, Conn. IEC agents picked her up from the casino floor.

The woman has been on the run since 2006 because she was wanted by New York for conspiracy to engage in human trafficking and interstate transportation of women for prostitution. A reporter was told that she ran a brothel and was being charged with transporting women from other countries to the United States.

American’s Most Wanted had done a feature on her in November 2010. Someone from the casino recognized her as a woman who visited Mohegan Sun often. The person called the show about the sighting.

The women in the brothel would be girls from Korea who had been tricked into prostitution. They were targeted because the women wanted to go to America. When they got to the United States, the girls would owe thousands of dollars and were forced to work in brothels to pay off their debts. The brothels are located on the East Coast, related an insider .

Brothel owners would take the woman’s identification and swear they would turn them into the police if they escaped.

The woman arrested waived her rights to a hearing before a federal judge in Hartford, a spokesperson said on Monday. She will be sent back to New York to face the 2006 arrest charges against her. Her 2006 arrest was IEC’s attempt to put a stop to human trafficking of women in the United States.

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