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This Case is all about Domestic Violence


Domestic violence whether we admit it or not has been a problem of society even during the early days. Unfortunately, the ultimate victims of this crime are the children. Often times a third party has to step in because both parents are incapable of recognizing that they are in a very menacing situation. Social Welfare may have to step in when the mental, physical and emotional development of the children are being compromised. A New York Criminal Lawyer can explain that social welfare acts as a government arm that ensures the children are safe and not in any kind of danger.

This case is all about domestic violence. The parents has been identified as people who keep on engaging in domestic violence and neither one has the capacity to get out of the vicious cycle of hurting each other. Friends, relatives, neighbors, police officers and even work colleagues have been asked to testify by the court. This procedure was necessary in order to establish a pattern that the parents have been continuously engaging in domestic violence for over 10 years already.

As a result, their eldest daughter has been diagnosed with enuresis or most commonly known as bedwetting at the age of six. The parents along with the eldest daughter were called in to undergo an evaluation at the a county mental health clinic because of their problem with their eldest. Apparently it was found out that the eldest has been playing “referee” or “peace maker” for her parents who were arguing most of the time. These arguments often end up in physical confrontations.

After several years, the children were then taken to their Aunt on the mother’s side after a significantly violent episode. It was observed that at age 11, the eldest daughter was rebellious and still wetting her bed. Her brother was withdrawn and very indifferent to other people. It was very obvious that the domestic violence issue at their home has created a negative impact on their mental and emotional state. The children were not growing in an ideal environment. Sadly both parents admit that what they are doing to each other has been affecting their kids ever since but they simply couldn’t stop hurting each other.

The case workers, as well as a Bronx Domestic Violence Lawyer who was working in this particular case were really concerned about the children’s wellbeing. That is why they have filed a case against the parents for exposing their children to such violence that hinders their children’s mental and emotional growth. In fact, a clinical psychologist from has testified that what the children have been manifesting is consistent to what he had studied and observed as an expert on children’s behaviour.

When children are involved it is considered as something very serious and alarming. The children are the future of a nation and therefore need to be mentally and emotionally capable to handle a great deal of responsibilities in the future. Domestic violence, a sex crime or any other such crime are considered serious offenses by the law.

Stephen Bilkis and Associates are experienced in handling such cases. They are aware of the sensitivity of such matters, so you can be sure that your cases are handled with utmost care and confidentiality.

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