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Man Charged with Felony for Spitting


A man who was originally charged with attempted murder for spitting on an emergency room nurse had his charges reduced to felony and misdemeanor assault. He was also charged with harassment, reports a source.

The man, who knew he had Hepatitis C, deliberately spat on an Emergency Room nurse as she tried to restrain him. The man was considered dangerous because he stated he was suicidal and planned to kill himself, according to a report.

While emergency workers attempted to restrain him, the man threatened to spit on anyone who tried to restrain him. The source states the man proceeded to spit in the face of a nurse. Because the man was infected with Hepatitis C, the nurse is currently being tested for the virus.

Hepatitis C is a blood-borne virus that can lead to several liver diseases and cancer. The virus is generally spread through intravenous drug use, but individuals such as healthcare professionals have contracted the virus through accidental needle sticks. However, according to the Centers of Disease Control, the chances are getting the disease through contact with infected saliva is rare, claims a person close to the scene.

The original second-degree murder charge was based on the rationale that the man had taken “a substantial step” to kill his victim. With the charges reduced to felony and misdemeanor assault, it accuses the man of “recklessly placing the nurse in fear of imminent serious physical injury by means or a dangerous instrument, saliva.” The misdemeanor charges contend the man used offensive physical contact and other forms of conduct to place others in fear of injury.

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