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Angry woman sets boyfriend on fire in front of children


Intimate relationships are courses in the University of Life, and while not all of us go on to pursue higher education, we all invariably find ourselves in close relationships with others. How well we navigate the waters of love defines how far we have progressed in our development. In the case of the 40 year old woman who set her boyfriend on fire in front of her children, it seems that she has a long way to go and now, a long time to think about what she has done, informs a New York Criminal Lawyer. 

According to the New York Criminal Lawyer, neighbors of the couple heard the two fighting and arguing all day long, but it was only when the screams of pain erupted that they called police to come investigate. When they arrived, they found a man who was burned over 15% of his body. The woman says that the man lit himself on fire and tried to blame her for the crime, but the man told a very different story, said the New York Criminal Lawyer. 

The man says that his girlfriend had been upset with him all day over his drinking and she had ordered him to leave, apparently for the safety of her children. When he refused to leave his family and his home, he says, she doused him with the nail polish remover that she had been using to take off her nail polish and then set him ablaze with her cigarette lighter, all the while yelling for him to leave. 

Reports by the New York Criminal Lawyer further state that when he refused to leave due to pain and shock, she began chasing him around the house with a butcher knife. Police arrested the woman and their children have been taken into custody. The man is recovering from his severe burns. The woman could be sentenced to up to ten years in prison and $200,000 in fines. 

People can be very unpredictable in a stressful situation. Sometimes they become violent in their behavior and act irrationally. If you have been the victim of a violent, irrational crime, contact a New York Criminal Attorney today to find out what your options are. A New York Criminal Attorney will help you bring the accused to justice.

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