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Increase in Holiday Traffic Brought a Congested End to 2010


The economy sluggishly raised its head after a long and arduous climb, and so did a growing interest in spending and celebration on the part of consumers, which increased the likelihood of accidents and injuries at the end of 2010, reports one New York Criminal Lawyer.

People began getting into the holiday spirit almost reluctantly, it seemed, but by mid-December the holly, jolly, infectious consumerist tradition that we know and love as Christmas had begun its feverish ascent to peak experience. Do you know that feeling? That moment when all of the gifts are bought and wrapped, the stockings are filled, the cookies are made, the cards are sent and there is nothing left to DO for Christmas anymore except to just allow it to come and go?

According to one New York Criminal Lawyer, many people would benefit by introducing themselves to that feeling a little sooner and slowing down, as the hustle and bustle of roadway congestion at the end of the year is primarily a result of consumers rushing around for last minute deals and details.

Combine those frustrated, busy consumers with an increase of drunk drivers out celebrating all of the joy that life has to offer and you have anything but a silent night. Between Christmas and New Years Eve, automobile fatalities rise sharply, up from 36 per day due to drunk and other impaired drivers to a staggering 56 per day by the time January 1 rolls off the clock, according to the New York Criminal Lawyer.

It just goes to show that whether we are stressed out to the max, joyful and happy or tanked after a company Christmas party, the importance of patience and of slowing down, taking an extra second or two to think about the choices that we are making, really can be the difference between life and death, not just at Christmas, but every single day.

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