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Barnes and Nobel Robbed Reports a West Chester County Criminal Lawyer


Barnes and Nobel doesn’t rank up there with most robbed stores probably but if someone plans to rob a book store, law books might need to be on their radar. Three suspects have been nabbed for taking over $1,000 worth of book from the Barnes & Nobel across from Lincoln Center. Westchester County Criminal Lawyers may have to do the bookwork for these guys.

The Barnes and Nobel on Broadway and West 67th Street on the Upper West Side reported a large number of books missing. Undercover officers were brought in to help catch up with the book thieves. Soon after setting up in the store, one suspect was observed as he walked from floor to floor through the aisles filling a duffel bag with books. The officers followed him out of the store as he took the bag onto a bus toward the Upper East Side.

Under cover officers followed the suspect to East 86th Street and Lexington Avenue and observed as he met with two other suspects who allegedly gave him cash and put the bag into the bag of a van. Westchester County Criminal Lawyers report that this is when the under cover officers came on the scene and arrested all three of the men. The books in the bag were worth a grand total of over one thousand dollars.

A New York Criminal Lawyer may need to assist as it seems once the undercover officers made the arrest; they also found hundreds of other books that they suspect were stolen. The grand total here was over five thousand dollars.

One of the suspects admitted to helping another suspect by buying the stolen books and then selling them at marked-down prices. One of the suspects has already served several long sentences for robbery and was held this time for robbery with bond set at twelve thousand dollars. One of the suspects was able to make bail at four thousand dollars and the other was released without bail.

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