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Wheel Rims Being Sold on the Internet Lead to the Arrest to the Suspects Reports Staten Island Criminal Lawyers

When suspects name themselves, you can guarantee they have reached a level of arrogance that resulted in their arrest. In this case, Staten Island Criminal Lawyers found a group of five men calling themselves the “Rim Reapers”. The suspects were stripping automobiles parked in various driveways and auto dealerships. But they weren’t stopping with this; the suspects then took the rims and attempted to sell them on the Internet. Staten Island Criminal Lawyers will find that the operation was simple, a customer would make a request for wheels for a Mercedes and boom, and the rims would appear. The ring is said to be one of the largest rings that deal with stolen wheel rims.

The suspects in this crime had a ringleader who was only 24 and he was charged with second-degree assault as the result of an incident in January when the suspect injured an officer after being stopped. The suspect fled the scene but his luck soon ran out. There were four others charged in the crimes will need to call a New York Criminal Lawyer as well.

Prosecutor said the ring was specifically targeting Cadillac Escalades and Nissan Maximas. The cars would be stripped and left on concrete blocks for the owners to find later. And, these suspects were extremely brave in that the crimes were often muti-faceted. Often times they would remove cards at a dealership ad then steal a van from a nearby home. Then the suspects would remove the back seats of the van and use the van to transport stolen goods. New York Criminal Lawyers agree that this was a rather sophisticated group of criminals.

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