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One Time NFL Quarterback Josh Booty Detained.


Orange County police had to wrestle once NFL quaterback Josh Booty to the ground after stopping and pulling over his car. He was tased and suffered injuries but was finally subdued. He was suspected of DUI.

After being pulled over, Booty became belligerent and had to be brought under control by the cops.

Booty’s younger brother is the QB at USC and currently works an a sportscaster on radio and TV.

Booty was released several hours later with a citation advising him of a date to appear in court, Brotheim said. He left with black eye which he suffered in the station when he fell and hit his head on a desk.

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In 2001, Booty was drafted with the 177th pick out of LSU by the Seattle Seahawks and later traded to the Cleveland Browns, spending three years with them as a backup. He signed a two-year contract with the Oakland Raiders last March, but was cut four months later. Booty also played baseball for five years in the Florida Marlins’ organization after he was the No. 5 overall pick in the 1994 draft. He played in 13 major league games from 1996-98 and hit .269 (7-for-26) with four RBIs.

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