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Queens Criminal Lawyer Defended Dad Who Was Arrested for April 16, 1974 Murder–Arrested Again after 30+ Years as Fugitive– Thinking His Case Was Settled


In 1974, Colombian immigrant German Solano Perez shot Autoro Fortuny. Perez’s wife had daughter with Fortuny, whom Perez was raising as his own. Fortuny came to Perez home seeking to see his daughter. A fight ensued, and Perez shot Fortuny six times.
Queens Criminal lawyer attorney Stephen Bilkis was Perez’s defense attorney when in 1974 he pleaded guilty to second-degree manslaughter. The judge release Perez on his own recognizance. But Perez didn’t appear when his sentencing date arrived, because of the language barriers, he thought his case had been settled. Attorney Bilkis said, “My client thought he was sentenced to probation 32 years ago.”

Attorney Bilkis said, “He wasn’t hiding from anyone.”


Perez travel extensively in the United States and Columbia, finally living in Las Vegas for 20 years. Everything changed when federal officials suspended his Social Security checks after learning of the warrant for his arrest. When Perez wrote the NYPD to try to clear up the warrant, he was arrested at his home in October 2006.

Perez was returned to New York City. The judge who had been on the bench was dead. The court system could not find the original case files. After a new court hearing, taking everything into consideration, Perez was sentenced to 60 days–which he has served, and now is a free man again, able to spend time with his wife and children.

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