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Beautiful small time spy to avoid jail


A local publicist was able to avoid spending any time in prison after pleading for her sentence to be reduced to a fine, two years on probation, and 300 hours of community service, says New York Criminal Lawyer.

The woman reportedly hacked into two of her rival publicists’ cell phones and listened to their calls. She was able to hack the phones at least 337 times over the course of the last year. The woman had shared a former boyfriend with both of the victims, and may have used this connection to help her hack their accounts, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer.
Originally, the woman had been charged with listening in on the phone calls of at least two other women, but the District Attorney apparently only felt confident of conviction on the two victims that were cited in the case.

According to a New York Criminal Lawyer, if the accused had made an attempt to fight the charges in court she could have served as much as four years in prison. Her plea is seen by some as getting off too easy for her crimes. The young woman apparently used a ‘spoofcard’ to help her access the cell phone voicemails. She was able to listen and record messages at will. The ‘spoofcards’ are legal, but this type of usage is clearly illegal.

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