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Phony raffle case being investigated by DA


Last year, a local man made the news by starting a raffle to give away a one million dollar home to the winner, tells a New York Criminal Lawyer. Each ticket was sold for $50, so as many can imagine, many tickets were sold in hope of winning the lakefront home.

According to a New York Criminal Attorney, complaints were made many months after the tickets went on sale when no winner was announced. Some believed that the man may have never intended to give the home away, but rather con all the buyers out of their money. As much as a few hundred thousand dollars may have been pocketed by the accused, who has since said that the raffle was cancelled.

The New York Criminal Lawyer said that the raffle had been repeatedly rescheduled, possibly in an attempt to confuse the ticket buyers or trick them into thinking that someone else had won. The website for the raffle stated one of the reasons for the cancellation is a misunderstanding of some laws associated with raffles. No one has received a refund for their ticket.

The local District Attorney is looking into the case to be sure that a crime was committed before charging the man. Those who bought a ticket and wish to take part in the case can access a general criminal complaint form at

Criminal offense charges require the representation of a New York Criminal Attorney. These situations are difficult for everyone involved, and a New York Criminal Attorney is the professional solution.

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