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Brooklyn father arrested on child endangerment charges and will need a New York Criminal Lawyer

Staff at Ritz Dinner watched as a father took his child out of the car and strapped her into the stroller. They then saw him climb back into his car and drive off, leaving the young child on the street. New York City Police were quickly called. They responded to find the girl with workers form the diner, located at East 62nd Street and First Avenue in Manhattan, NY. The child was taken to New York Hospital, where she was found to be healthy. Later that evening, the child’s parents went to the 19th Precinct looking for their daughter. They claimed the mother, whose name has not been released to the public, had been arguing with the child’s father. She left the child in the car with her dad and walked away. The father, Brooklyn resident Edwin Rivera, left the girl on the street thinking her mother would see her and turn around to get her. He was arrested for child abandonment and endangering the welfare of a child. The young girl was released into her mother’s custody.
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