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Brooklyn man sentenced to 10 years for stalking and attempted kidnapping reports a NY Criminal Lawyer

Bernard Mutterperl was 19 at the time he was arrested May 10, 2007 for stalking, then attempting to abduct a young girl in Brooklyn, NY. Xochil Garcia, then 11 years old, had been walking back from the store where she bought her mother a gift for Mother’s Day. She noticed Mutterperl following her and ran for safety in her Brooklyn apartment building. He followed her inside and tried to abduct her. She managed to break free from his hold and managed to ring the doorbell to her apartment as well as several others. Mutterperl was caught by neighbors a few moments later by Garcia’s brother and the alerted neighbors. Mutterperl was originally taken to Riker’s Island, which is in the East River between Bronx and Queens. He was held on $1 million dollar bail and faced charges of attempted kidnapping. Mutterperl was 21 when he was held on trial in King’s County Supreme Court, located at 320 Jay Street Brooklyn, NY 11201. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.
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