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New York City Police catch pervert on PATH train reports a New York Criminal Defense Lawyer

Dersein Dominguez, 31, was riding the Port Authority Trans Hudson train; otherwise known as the PATH train, which runs from New York to New Jersey, and was recently arrested. He ran up to a 31 year old woman, who was also waiting for the PATH train at the 9th Street station NYC, and molested her. She screamed and sent him running, which allowed her to escape onto the train without him following her. Once her train arrived to Hoboken, NJ, she alerted the Port Authority police. They immediately began looking for her assailant. Surveillance tapes showed Dominguez at the station masturbating behind a bench. He was arrested and faces a felony charge of criminal sex act by force as well as a misdemeanor charge of public lewdness. He will be arraigned at New York Criminal Court; located at 100 Centre Street, New York NY 10013.
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