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Brooklyn Woman Claims She Didn’t Assault Cop


The case of a Brooklyn woman who claims she’s the victim of mistaken identity has been put on hold for another two months. She is accused of running over a traffic agent’s foot, according to a New York Criminal Lawyer.
Sources tell New York Criminal Lawyers that prosecutors have requested a postponement in the case. “I’m so disappointed,” said the defendant to a New York Criminal Lawyer, as she left Brooklyn Criminal Court. “I thought they would just drop the case. Now we have to come back again.”
The 39-year-old woman was arrested and accused of attacking a traffic agent after she left a pharmacy in Sheepshead Bay. She emerged to find her car being ticketed. The pharmacy gave the authorities her name and she was picked out of a lineup by the agent she allegedly assaulted. The defendant maintains that she was not the one who did it – it was another woman with the exact same name. She says it was a relative who refuses to come forward.
She has brought forward evidence of her own, including a picture of herself at a yeshiva restaurant in a different neighborhood, taken just 18 minutes before the incident occurs. In addition, she says she drives a different car from the one cited in the complaint. Her lawyer also claims the prescription is for the other woman.
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