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Wife Admits to Part in Murder


It took twenty years, but a Manhattan widow finally admitted to hiring a hit man to murder her rich husband outside his girlfriend’s place, a New York Criminal Lawyer reports. The 68-year-old woman gave her confession in Manhattan Supreme Court, saying she had her husband killed so she could get the benefit of his $4.3 million life insurance policies.
She could face 12 to 36 years in prison, a New York Criminal Lawyer relates. “I’ve always known that she did it. I’ve known for 20 years,” a close relative of the slain man said to a New York Criminal Lawyer. “There was nobody else that could have done it.” “It’s very painful,” the relative added.
The prosecutor in the case questioned the woman until she finally admitted to conspiring with her divorce lawyer in the 1990 murder. “Did [your divorce lawyer] tell you he was going to hire a hit man?” the prosecutor asked the woman. She answered in an emotionless voice, “Yes.”
The prosecutor continued. “And did you agree with him to participate in the killing of your husband?” “Yes,” she replied. Greed was not her only motive. The woman was also angry her 49-year-old husband was leaving her over his 28-year-old publicist.
When a crime takes place, it may take time, but the law usually catches up. If you or a loved one find yourself caught up in such circumstances, a New York Criminal Lawyer can help. The assistance of a New York Criminal Attorney will make sure you get the representation you need so the punishment fits the crime – or that you or your loved one are found innocent, if such is the case.

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