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Camera Captures View of Purse Snatcher


Cops have revealed images from a surveillance camera which shows a thief who tried to take a purse from a woman, but didn’t quite manage to do it, reports a New York Criminal Lawyer. The thief, or would-be thief, followed the 63-year-old woman into the elevator of a building on Surf Ave. in Coney Island, sometime in the afternoon of October 12, sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer.
“You have money! Give me money!” the thief yelled as the elevator went up, cops told a New York Criminal Lawyer. The woman might have had some money in her purse, but the criminal never found it. According to the police, he took her purse and removed a black, zippered pouch. Once they both came out of the elevator, the crook saw there was no money in the pouch, but decided he had taken enough time and ran away.
The suspect was described as African-American, standing 5 feet, 8 inches in height. He was wearing jeans, a striped sweater, white sneakers, and a do-rag. The police have set up a hotline so that anyone with details can find the suspect before he makes another attempt.
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