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The Situation Comes From a Difficult Background


Divorce papers from the parents of Mike “The Situation” Serrentino reveal terrible circumstances that may have impelled the transformation of young Mike into his famed muscle-bound TV persona, The Situation, a New York Criminal Lawyer has learned.
Both of the The Situation’s parents committed adultery, and both of them beat each other, sources told a New York Criminal Lawyer. Mike’s father once threatened to cut his mother “into pieces”. She told him she’d be just fine with going out to “find someone else to (have sex with),” according to newly revealed information.
“The Sorrentinos were the most dysfunctional family I ever met!” a family friend told a New York Criminal Lawyer. “Mike’s father had a bad temper and the mom had a sharp tongue. When they butted heads, they were explosive.” Mike, 29, is now a celebrity and is currently appearing on Dancing with the Stars. He has two brothers, 35 and 31 years of age, and a sister who is 23 years old.
His 56-year-old father and 54-year-old mother, split up in New Jersey in 2004 and their legal documents contain a number of terrible charges against each other. “(The father) has constantly, throughout the marriage, beaten and battered (his wife) to the point where she believed the beatings were a part of her life,” sources told a Westchester County Criminal Lawyer.
According to the husband, his wife once “broke his nose” when she hit him with the heel of her shoe. Sources say he often threatened to kill his wife, and once told his children that “he wanted to see the expression on their mother’s face when he stabbed her and cut her up into pieces.”
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