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Campbell Allegedly Went on Racist Rant-If You Are Arrested For Any Reason in NewYork, Hire A Queens Attorney


Naomi Campbell being incarcerated for assault is not a surprise, but she said things while being arrested which will prolong the story.

Campbell unleashed a spate of epithets during her Heathrow Airport arrest, she is reported to have yelled and screamed at police officers. At one point she called the authorities on the scene “f—— white honkeys.” She then proceeded to spit at the officers. She continued the tirade and came up with insult after insult to the point where her rantings became ridiculous.

After she couldn’t seem to come up with any baggage at Heathrow Airport, the model was arrested. She went crazy and it got worse when authorities tried to soothe the situation. She was convinced that racism was at the core of the situation. if she wasn’t a black woman, she never would have been arrested. She told an acquaintance that she felt like she had to stand up for herself. Go get ’em girl.

If you or a family member is arresred for any reason, it is important to hire a Queens Criminal Lawyer to represent you. If you have been wrongly accused, an attorney can help you to right the wrong done to you.

The supermodel is no stranger to outbursts like this. In 2007, Campbell had to serve time on New York City’s Sanitation Department to serve punishment for assaulting her maid with a cell phone

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