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Conan O’Brien Stalker Pleads Guilty-Without A Long Island Criminal Lawyer Your Sentence Can Be The Harshest


A Roman Catholic priest sent letters and DVDs to Conan O’Brien and has pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct. David Ajemian admitted to the harassment and has since been retired from active duty by the Church.

He was mailing and DVDs to O’Brien’s home and business. Ajemian was apprehended Manhattan last year when he attempted to get himself into a taping of O’Brien’s late night show. He had been warned several times to keep away from the studio but obviously the warnings fell on deaf ears. NBC security personnel were on the lookout when he showed up again.

The disturbed priest started bothering Conan in September 2006. The Boston Archdiocese has declined comment and put the priest on extended leave.

The priest probably got off easy because he had fine lawyers.. If you are in trouble with the law, it is essential to have a Nassau Criminal Lawyer at your side. A good New York attorney can help you obtain the best results even if you’re not a priest.

Ajemian and O’Brien attended Harvard University at the same time, but it’s unclear whether the two crossed paths there

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