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Car Bomb In Times Square Reports a Manhattan Criminal Lawyers

The smoke has barely cleared when a seemingly innocent car parked in Times Square failed to detonate. And now, Manhattan Criminal Lawyers report that a Pakistani-American man has been speaking freely to authorities. The man indicated that he did have a role in the attempted attack.

The man arrested, Faisal Shahzad is a thirty year old who tried to flee the country after authorities were able to tie him to the attempted car bombing. According to some Manhattan Criminal Lawyers, Shahzad’s role is unclear, however, he is believed to be part of the Pakistani Taliban and did have a major role in attempted attack on Saturday.

Unfortunately Mr. Shahzad was able to board an international flight even though he was a major target in the investigation. He is however, a naturalized United States citizen who lived in Connecticut. When he was finally taken into custody, he was charged with attempted use of a weapon of mass destruction and other federal charges related to explosives. According to the New York Criminal Lawyers he was interrogated without being read his Miranda rights under what is commonly known as a public safety exception

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