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Seventeen Year Old Tasered Reports a Bronx Criminal Lawyer

When a 17-year-old stormed the filled in Philadelphia during a game against the cards, he was jolted with a high volt of electricity. Questions surround whether this was too much force for such a small offense. The young man reportedly called home and asked his father for permission before he ran onto the field report Bronx Criminal Lawyers.

When the smoke hasn’t even settled after what appeared to be an innocent SUV exploded, authorities are on guard for anything unusual. And, with that, even a teenager in a Phillies jersey and khaki shorts could be seen as a threat. Bronx Criminal Lawyers can help in cases like this..

Unfortunately for the youngsters, the tasers were one of the Philadelphia authorities biggest purchases in recent month. And, at the same time, is it excessive force to use the tasers in a situation like this asks New York Criminal Lawyers. The bottom line in this case signifies a changing of the guard. At one time, rushing onto the field or possibly storming into the dugout to steal kisses was seen as extra entertainment. Now, those same behaviors are startling and scary.

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