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Facing foreclosure on a family home or bankruptcy due to ever rising basic costs is a scary option, but help is available. However, one must consider from where the help is coming. A New York Criminal Lawyer accounts what happened when one attorney decided to help himself instead of his clients.

In Chicago one attorney with the help of his wife decided to defraud clients by promising to help with foreclosure and bankruptcy issues. Clients turned to this Chicago attorney for help in their hour of need and were taken for granted, money stolen, and homes foreclosed on even though payments had been made to the attorney. The attorney was using his client’s money to fund his own goals.

A Lawyer would be one option for representation and given the circumstances this may be the way that the Chicago attorney should precede. The attorney is charged with one count of mail fraud, six counts of bankruptcy fraud and one count of obstruction. His wife is charged with one count of obstruction, two counts of perjury, and one count of bankruptcy fraud. His wife is charged as an accomplice, even though she supposedly did not deal with the clients directly. However, the attorney’s wife lied by completing documents stating that one client had completed a credit counseling course that the client had not completed. The couple told clients that funds paid would be used to make mortgage payments or to complete Chapter 13 bankruptcy plans, but the funds were instead used for the couple’s own benefit, alleges a Criminal Lawyer in New York. It is said that a doctor makes the worst patient and this also holds true for attorneys. This Chicago based attorney should get help from a local Lawyer immediately.

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District Judge Pat Priest of San Antonio sentenced former U.S. Majority Leader Tom DeLay to three years in jail. He was charged with conspiring to launder corporate money into 2002 political donations for several candidates running for election, a New York Criminal Lawyer was told.

He will also serve 10 years on probation for money laundering charges. Previously, DeLay had been sentenced to five years in prison for the charges, but the charges were reduced to 10 years of probation by Judge Priest.

Judge Priest said he agreed with the November 2010 guilty verdict the jury brought back after the trial. He believes DeLay conspired to break the law and that he should be held responsible for what he did. DeLay asked that Judge Priest sentence him instead of the jury who said he was guilty. He would not have received such lenient treatment in the courts of Staten Island and Westchester County.

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