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Patron of the arts, real estate executive, and general partner are all terms being thrown around about a man accused of defrauding investors of more than six million dollars, declares a NY Criminal Lawyer.

In Dallas a 68 year old real estate executive is under federal indictment for allegedly committing fraud. This patron of the arts is said to have defrauded his investors out of over six million dollars in conjunction with two separate projects. It has been alleged that the real estate executive made false claims and representations to investors to gain funds. However, it has been said that most of the funds were used for things unrelated to the projects. One project in New Mexico and another in Parkwood Crossing in Fort Worth are those that are involved in the alleged scam. It has not yet been declared what the funds were used for, whether other projects or personal use.

The real estate executive’s attorney finds the indictment surprising as it came the day after a settlement was agreed upon between the real estate executive and the investors. The attorney states that the fact that the investors agreed to enter into a settlement and provide affidavits of non prosecution seems to point toward a sentiment of favor toward the defendant. This type of agreement can be seen as unusual in this type of case. The lawsuit that was just settled out of court was not exclusive to the Parkwood Crossing or New Mexico projects though they were included in the overall settlement.

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District Judge Pat Priest of San Antonio sentenced former U.S. Majority Leader Tom DeLay to three years in jail. He was charged with conspiring to launder corporate money into 2002 political donations for several candidates running for election, a New York Criminal Lawyer was told.

He will also serve 10 years on probation for money laundering charges. Previously, DeLay had been sentenced to five years in prison for the charges, but the charges were reduced to 10 years of probation by Judge Priest.

Judge Priest said he agreed with the November 2010 guilty verdict the jury brought back after the trial. He believes DeLay conspired to break the law and that he should be held responsible for what he did. DeLay asked that Judge Priest sentence him instead of the jury who said he was guilty. He would not have received such lenient treatment in the courts of Staten Island and Westchester County.

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